Welcome, HLNtv Viewers!

If you clicked over to this site from HLNtv.com’s “Making It In America” series, it must be because you are a cupcake lover. Well, you are in good company — and you are in good hands, too!

Welcome to the Rockin’ Cupcakes and Miracle Frosting website. Please feel feel to look around and learn more about us. Stay as long as you like, and PLEASE, if you have any questions whatsoever, to which you can’t find the answers here, e-mail Lynn at: Boatfolk@aol.com.

We are currently putting the finishing touches on our mail-order business, so stay tuned. Very soon, you will be able to order our Miracle Frosting online.

Thanks for finding us, and I look forward to sharing my cupcake adventures with you in the weeks to come on HLNtv’s “Making It In America.”

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Miracle Frosting For Sale!

Forget the cupcake and all those crumbly carbs!  Now you can have just the frosting and eat it, too. So many of my customers have told me how amazing my frosting tastes, that I finally had a lightbulb moment: Why not give customers the option of buying my luscious buttercream only?

I used to love that buttercream recipe from the powedered-sugar box, too.  But a great cake or cupcake deserves something better.  Something rockin’, like my Miracle Frosting.

It’s the perfect solution for someone who bakes great cakes, but falls a little short in the frosting department. One taste of my Miracle Frosting, and you will kick that canned stuff down the road for good.

Click on the “Miracle Frosting” tab above and find out how to order!


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Cupcake-Decorating Parties To Go!

It’s getting pretty toasty out there, so going to the park or hanging out under the hot sun with your kids may not be real appealing right now. Well, I have a GREAT suggestion for you: How about if you throw a cupcake-decorating party for your children and their friends right in your own air-conditioned home? All you have to do is clear your kitchen table and open the front door to let us bring the party right to you!

We’ll provide all the cupcakes you need, in whatever flavors you choose, the frosting bags and all the decorations. It’s a COOL way to keep your kids entertained for a few hours during this very hot summer.

The price? Just $7/child. Less than what you’d pay to go to a matinee with them for a few hours.

To book a cupcake-decorating-party-to-go, call Lynn at: 714-719-2536 or e-mail me at Boatfolk@aol.com.

Hope to see you soon!



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Ready To Party!

Do you have an anniversary or birthday coming up? How about your children? Birthdays, baseball and softball parties, summer pool parties . . . Rockin’ Cupcakes & Miracle Frosting can make any occasion a special one. We bake cupcakes to order — so you pick the flavors, the quantity, the toppings, and we’ll get it done. We know how busy you are on the day of the party, so we’ll even deliver the cupcakes right to your door. Like pizza, only sweeter!

Best of all, we make house calls with our popular cupcake-decorating parties. We’ll bring the cupcakes, frosting, toppings and all the fun right to your home.

Ready to order? Call 916.293.9190 or e-mail Boatfolk@aol.com.


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Cupcakes for New Year’s!

Need to bring a dessert for a New Year’s party? A dozen Rockin’ Cupcakes topped off with that famous miracle frosting would look gorgeous on the holiday table!

To place your New Year’s order, call the cupcake hotline at 916.293.9190 or e-mail us at: Boatfolk@aol.com.

Order by December 27th and get 10% off!  Did I mention that we deliver??



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Rockin’ Cupcakes Rock On!

To My Valued Customers:

I have some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that due to a significant lack of  store traffic these past few months, I had to shut down Rockin’ Cupcake Cafe. It was a fun place, wasn’t it? Thanks for all your support this past year and a half.  I will miss seeing you walk through my doors. Chatting with my customers really was the best part of this whole experience!

The good news is, my Rockin’ Cupcakes live on!  Do you think I worked for nearly two years on developing THE. BEST. gourmet cupcakes in Folsom to never let you sink your teeth into them again?  That would be just CRUEL!

Yep, I will continue to bake those awesome cupcakes with MIRACLE frosting that you have come to love so much in an off-site kitchen. Just call me up and tell me what you want!

To place your order for six or more BIG cupcakes, or a minimum of one dozen mini cupcakes, please call the Rockin’ Cupcake hotline:  916.293.9190.

Or send me an e-mail at:  Boatfolk@aol.com

Best of all . . . we DELIVER (for a small fee)!

Can’t wait to bake for you again . . .  Lynn

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