Miracle Frosting For Sale!

Forget the cupcake and all those crumbly carbs!  Now you can have just the frosting and eat it, too. So many of my customers have told me how amazing my frosting tastes, that I finally had a lightbulb moment: Why not give customers the option of buying my luscious buttercream only?

I used to love that buttercream recipe from the powedered-sugar box, too.  But a great cake or cupcake deserves something better.  Something rockin’, like my Miracle Frosting.

It’s the perfect solution for someone who bakes great cakes, but falls a little short in the frosting department. One taste of my Miracle Frosting, and you will kick that canned stuff down the road for good.

Click on the “Miracle Frosting” tab above and find out how to order!


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