Welcome to the Rockin’ Cupcakes Website and Order Center!  Although our storefront is gone (yeah, we’re sad about that, too), never fear, you can STILL treat yourself to our yummy cupcakes with the miracle frosting.

When Lynn came up with the idea for Rockin’ Cupcakes, it was at the height of the recession, and she wanted to create an experience that would make people happy; take their mind off all their worries.  So she combined music and cupcakes.  Think about it:   What could make people more joyful than the marriage of music and cupcakes?

Our Rockin’ Cupcakes are all named after songs.  For instance, our Red Velvet is called, “Lady in Red” and our chocolate one is called “I Think I Love You.”  (For a complete list of our flavors and their fun, musical names, click on “Menu” in the toolbar.) So when you’re ready to order, just ask for them by their song-name.  We’ll know EXACTLY what you want!

Most important, we bake from scratch, and we TRULY mean that.  Absolutely NO boxed mixes!  Yes, it would be easier and cheaper to crank out cupcakes made from pre-packaged mixes.  But what’s so gourmet about that?  You can do that yourself from your own kitchen!  Nope, our customers deserve THE BEST, which is why we bake homemade cupcakes with REAL butter, real eggs, real sugar, real STUFF!  Absolutely no preservatives.

Best of all, they are as fresh as they can be!  We will bake your cupcakes within hours of your personal delivery, so they’re not sitting around in a refrigerated case all day or baked at 3:00 in the morning.

The cafe may not be around anymore, but our cupcakes ROCK ON!  Ready to order?  You have several options:  Call our cupcake hotline at:  916.293.9190 or e-mail your order to:  Boatfolk@aol.com.

Don’t forget . . .  we deliver (for a small $3 fee)!  And we can ship our miracle frosting to you, too!

“Eat, Rock and Be Happy!” 

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