“Although, I was so sad to see the cafe closed for good, I was even more thrilled to have gotten in touch with Lynn earlier this year to see if she could come out to my daughter’s 10th birthday party and teach her group of girlfriends how to decorate cupcakes. She was more than happy to host a cupcake decorating party at my house for a reasonable fee per child which included 2 cupcakes per child, 3 choice of flavors, unlimited toppings, and an additional small fee for a cupcake tower for the birthday girl!

All throughout the pre-planning stages leading up to the party, Lynn was so accommodating and patient with all my requests as this was the first time for her to go on the road with all her cupcakes and supplies. My daughter was so excited upon learning that the “Rockin Cupcakes lady” was coming to our house!! She couldn’t wait to sink her teeth into her favorite chocolate cupcake with Oreo frosting! In this case, a birthday cupcake tower!

Lynn did a fabulous job holding a group of 15 girls attention and focus on how to carefully and creatively pipe frosting! They really enjoyed topping their cupcakes with mini m&ms, sprinkles, chocolate chips, jelly beans….just to name a few….but 2 was not enough for them of course! They wanted more because they were having so much fun!

Nonetheless, at the end of the party, my daughter and friends were so pleased with their Rockin Cupcakes……and I can’t thank Lynn enough for putting a smile on my daughter’s face on her 10th birthday and for her Rockin Cupcakes MAGIC!” – Regina, Folsom

“I’m from the Bay Area and every time we visit family in Folsom, first stop is always to Rockin Cupcakes. I was sad to find out the cafe closed down. But verrry happy to see that they were still taking orders and even delivered!
We ordered cupcakes the night before and Lynn special delivered it on time the next day. They were the same yummy cupcakes we got at the cafe and same delicious frosting!!!! Sooo relieved to know I can still get my Rockin Cupcakes!!” —  Christina, Bay Area

“It was a great sadness for our family, when Rockin Cupcakes closed the cafe.. After all, losing the best cupcake store  in Sacramento is a great loss to us cupcake connoisseurs!  We were thrilled to learn that we could order our favorite cakes, both regular size and small, through Lynn, by special order, at Boatfolk@aol.com. — Bob, Orangevale

I had tried one of her luscious chocolate ganache cupcakes this past  Fall that my sister-in-law had given me and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Then an opportunity came up at work where I wanted to buy cupcakes for my team for a meeting.  In my search I had learned that Rockin Cupcake had gone out of business, but my sister in law told me that she is now working out of her home, so I called.  The owner was very friendly, courteous and helpful.  I placed my order for 2 dozen mini cupcakes (Red Velvet and Papparazzie).  They were the best cupcakes I have ever tasted.  I usually don’t eat frosting because it is usually soooooooo sweet and overpowering.  The frosting on the Papparazzie was light with a touch of sweetness.  I loved it!!!  There is no need for me to try other cupcake stores, this is the one.  The cupcakes were delivered on time.  I encourage anyone who is looking for a good cupcake to try Rockin Cupcakes. —Ann, El Dorado Hills

I went here while visiting family in CA, and I have to say that their cupcakes were amazing! And this is coming from a DC girl who has many, many cupcakes, including the famous ones at “Georgetown Cupcake” (the store from the TLC show). These cupcakes were FAR BETTER than any I’ve had before!! I talked to the owner and she said that they bake all of their cupcakes from scratch every few hours. You can definitely taste it! The cupcakes were moist and fluffy…simply delicious! I had the vanilla and the red velvet and both were divine. I’ll be back during my next trip to California. — A.G., Washington, D.C.

I met the owner of Rockin Cupcake Café at an e-women event and was so blown away by her flavorful cupcakes that I immediately ordered 12 dozen for my book launch for Dying for a Dance. There wasn’t a single cupcake leftL and the attendees unanimously said they were the best cupcakes they’d ever tasted. I’m so glad Lynn can still provide individual orders to satisfy my cupcake cravings. I’ll definitely be ordering dozens of cupcakes for the launch of the third book in my humorous mystery series. — Cindy Sample, Award-winning author of Dying for a Date, Dying for a Dance and Dying for a Daiquiri

Rockin Cupcakes has the best cupcakes!  Her recipes are homemade, and rich! the chocolate coconut are amazing!  I get cupcakes from here instead of cake for all my events now and everyone loves them.  So many unique flavors!  Support local small businesses! — Karen R., Folsom

Their cupcakes are truly some of the best I have ever tasted. The cupcakes are traditional flavors with a twist and there is something about their texture that is not like any other.  The icings are incredible. You have to go and try the cupcakes.  They have mini cupcakes available as well, so you can taste test many different flavors. — Nancy B., Folsom

Just had the best ever frosting on a cupcake. It was las light as a cloud on top of the tasty cake.  Wow, the cake was moist and delicious too!  This is a experienced not to be missed.
— Julie A., Carmichael

Everyone who claims Cupcake Craving or Icing on the Cupcake is delicious either hasn’t tried Rockin’ Cupcakes or they’re just idiots. I tried a strawberry cupcake from Cupcake Craving and I immediately felt violated from the overly sweet frozen frosting and box mix batter. It clearly wasn’t made from scratch and they were anything but fresh.  I tried a strawberry cupcake from Rockin’ Cupcake Cafe and I immediately fell in love. The frosting was so light and pure, the batter was fresh and moist, and the strawberry filling made all your dreams come true. You think it can’t get any better? Well, you’re WRONG. They are the only place that makes there cupcakes from scratch. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. So stop being an idiot and order Rockin’ Cupcakes. You will be making one of the best decisions of your life. They 100% blew my clothes off. — Monique B., Folsom

I tried the strawberry cupcake from Rockin’ Cupcakes earlier in the week and it was absolutely heavenly!  The frosting wasn’t too sweet, the cake was denser than a boxed cake and really tasted fresh.  I couldn’t get it out of my mind days later.  Several days later I decided to try Cupcake Craving and see how it compared.  I bought a strawberry cupcake, took one bite and was extremely disappointed.  The cake tasted like it came from a box mix and the frosting was terrible.  It tasted like shortening, had terrible flavor and it was dense and so cold it was almost frozen.  I tossed that cupcake and went straight to Rockin’ Cupcake and bought another strawberry cupcake and it was WONDERFUL! — Brenda W., Folsom

This is without question the best of the three cupcake shops in Folsom. I live in town but work in San Francisco, so I have many options for my cupcake calorie and dollar, and I wait to buy my cupcakes at Rockin’ Cupcakes. The cupcakes have an excellent crumb, are flavorful, and have great frosting. The staff is friendly and helpful. On the occasions when I have appeared puzzled or searching for a favorite cupcake, someone at the counter has offered to make up something different from the cake/frosting selections available in the back. And I can’t recall being in the store when they didn’t have a good selection of cupcakes. My personal favorite is a chocolate cupcake filled with peanut butter mousse and topped with chocolate ganache. The criticism that these cupcakes are flavorless or that the bakery lacks variety is simply disingenuous. Go to Icing on the Cupcake if you want a pretty cupcake. Come to Rockin’ Cupcake Cafe if you want a cupcake that is delicious. — Jodie J., Folsom

Rockin Cupcake ROCKED out wedding.  We ordered 13 dozen cupcakes and they were a HUGE hit.  The Owner Lynn is a wonderful person.  She was very helpful and allowed us to create a vast selection of cupcakes for our weding guests. They were moist and YUMMY.      The cupcakes were delivered and she arrived on time.   We will be back and this has become the cupcake place of many based on the wonderful treats they created for our wedding reception! — Kirsten T., El Dorado Hills

“Rockin Cupcakes” in Folsom have the best tasting cupcakes around. I LOVE cupcakes and consider myself a cupcake connoisseur. Recently my daughter and I went to Napa and visited “Sift Cupcakes” they were in “Cupcake Wars” on the Food Network,  I was very excited to try these, I ordered six flavors and brought them home, we all were able to try each flavor, and I have to say they absolutely were not as good as the cupcakes Lynn makes at “Rockin Cupcakes” in Folsom!!!  If you want to have a heavenly cupcake go to “Rockin Cupcakes”. Yummmmmm!! — Debra F., Folsom

When I first heard about the cupcake craze, I couldn’t wait to find my first cupcake shop. As I found one after another I checked them out. I was so disappointed. The cupcakes were small, did not look yummy and none were decorated with fabulous looking toppings as I expected that they would be. I tasted and was equally disappointed. Then I found Rockin’ Cupcake Cafe. The cupcakes were amply sized and were beautifully decorated. I was delighted when I ate the first one. It was moist and delicious. I have been back since then and the little packages of deliciousness have consistently remained delicious. I spoke with the owner during my last visit and she was so very nice, too. — Robin B., Plymouth

When I first saw Rockin Cupcake Cafe, it hadn’t quite opened yet. I was making the horrible trek all the way down E. Bidwell at mid day (on my way to Icing on the Cupcake, one of many office cupcake runs) a trip that should take 5 minutes, not 25. RCC was still under construction. When opening time arrived my family and I took a trip to see what they had to offer. I am a former cake decorator and a current cupcake snob. I have a palette that can taste ingredients and list them. If it’s not high quality, I spit it out.

Here’s MY opinion…
*Icing on the cupcake…Frosting is WAY too sweet, Frosting is way too granular, gag. Chunks of bacon FAT, not bacon, in maple bacon cupcakes. Stale, stale cupcakes, etc., etc. Not the worst place if you stick to a flavor you like, scrape off some of that frosting and hope you got a fresh batch instead of one from the day before. I have not been there since I started going to Rocking Cupcakes.
*Cupcake craving? Blasphemy. I bought four, tasted one, then proceeded to throw them ALL into the trash because I would be to embarrassed to give them out at work. They must have had to get up realllllly early to get all the way to Save Mart’s bakery, buy cupcakes, open the packages, pull off all of those plastic Dora the Explorer Rings and set them all nicely in their glass display. Yuck. Not surprised they disappeared as fast as they arrived.
*ROCKIN CUPCAKE CAFE: Thank you for saving us from substandard cupcakes. When you finally opened, my family and I arrived with hope that a new day had dawned in the Folsom cupcake market. Our dreams were realized when you gave us samples of every flavor you had that day. We are in love with the moist moist cake, your incredible chocolate flavor, your vanilla that is SO vanilla-ey that even a choco-holic like me has been converted, and your frosting that is the PERFECT am mount of sweet, fluffy and smooth. If I were to give any constructive criticism at all, it would be to re-design your fresh strawberry frosting. I had it recently and while it was good and I scarfed it, it is not of the same caliber as all the other frostings you  make, expecially your fruit infused varieties. DEFINITELY THE BEST CUPCAKES IN THE AREA, so just don’t waste your time anywhere else. My personal favorites are the incredible “Bohemian Raspberry”-the variation with the raspberry infused buttercream, the one that is chocolate with mint frosting, & ofcourse, the chocolate chocolate chocolate “I Think I Love You.” Now all of our office cupcake runs are to Rockin Cupcakes, everyone loves them! — TELL YOU W, Folsom

“Immense” was the word used by my boyfriend to describe these cupcakes!  I’m from the UK and my boyfriend was in Folsom on business when I sent cupcakes from England as a surprise to his office! Lynn was fantastic from the word go. We arranged the cupcake order over email and they were delivered on time and tasty when she promised. Everything was so easy! She even added a little card with a note in it without me asking and took photos of my order. I hear the cupcakes were awesome as well.  I’m just sad I didn’t get to taste them myself! If my boyfriend visits Folsom again, i’ll be dropping Lynn another email!  — Fern Beauchamp, UK

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